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Old Games Launcher is a combined DosBox frontend & a Direct Draw game/application starter. Old games like Age of empires, Age of empires 2, Diablo, etc... Relies on Direct Draw. Windows Vista & Seven Emulates Direct Draw. So if your game uses Direct Draw and uses 256 colors then your game will look ugly, will have graphical glitches, or simply won't start. The problem can be solved by manually closing explorer.exe when your program starts to run. However doing this manually is frustrating, so Old Games launcher starts your application & closes explorer.exe automatically and starts it when you finished gaming.

The DosBox frontend part of it makes starting dos applications easy. You don’t need to mount folders, type a lot of commands to start your application. DosBox is integrated into the program, so you don't need todownload & install it manually.

Since version 2.0 Old games launcher supports ScummVM games and Super nintendo games also.

This Repository stores the source & Binary of stable releases. Development versions source is sored at:

This software uses the following free software programs/libaries/icons:
DosBox -
ScummVm -
SharpZipLib -
Silk Icons -

For super nintendo emulation the program uses Snes9x -

Screenshots of the program can be found at:

This Repository contains the source of the released versions. Development source tree can be found at:

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